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Top Tips How to Master A Shavette Razor

Instead of using several tiny blades in tandem like a modern shaver, a single blade razor like the Shavette spreads pressure over a smaller surface area, allowing for a much closer shave. While it provides the same unbeatably close shave of a traditional cut throat shaver, the Shavette razor differs by allowing you to snap in and use a replaceable, interchangeable double-edged blade.

Curious why some wet shavers swear by it to provide the closest shave ever? Here are the top tips how to use our Shavette and achieve the best shaving results:

  • Allow plenty of time. You will need around 30 minutes of uninterrupted time – especially if you’re a novice.
  • Prepare (really well). Your beard and skin must be softened and ready. At the very least you need to wash your face and beard area with plenty of hot soapy water, as hot as you can stand.
  • Always use clean towels. We recommend that you then use a hot wet cotton towel (heated in a vegetable steamer) which you should wrap around your face for five minutes. Remember, a dirty or used towel may carry infection to your skin.
  • Lather up. Work the shaving cream up to a rich lather and apply with a brush to your bristles, using a circular motion to make the hairs stand up ready for shaving.
  • Get the right angle. Hold the Shavette at a 30degree angle to the skin – that way it cuts the whiskers and avoids cutting you! Stretching the skin with your free hand, use the other to move the Shavette in short strokes in the direction that the hair grows. Use a light touch to begin with – you can make more than one pass. Once completed, lather up and start again, this time going across the grain of your beard growth. So, if you started going ear to chin, now go chin to ear.
  • Don’t go too slow or drag the blade. If you do you’ll feel the blade pulling when it should be gliding – short, confident strokes are better to reduce dragging.
  • Be careful around the mouth. Perhaps use an ordinary safety razor for those areas until your confidence grows. When you do try, use really small strokes, stretch the skin and be patient.
  • Have some Men Rock Styptic Matches handy! Novices often get a few nicks at the first attempt.

Finally, before getting that super-sharp blade anywhere near your boat race, watch our short Men Rock videos, beginning with ‘How to put a blade in a Shavette’; then ‘Shave Preparation’ followed by ‘How to Shave’.

Now you’re ready. Get Men Rock Cut Throat Shavette Razor Starter Pack and join an exclusive club whose members rarely go back to convenience shaving.

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