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Give Your Beard a Perfect Trim with Scissors

When it comes to beards, often you will be left needing a trim but not a full shave. And for this it is usually perfectly fine to tackle the problem without a razor. All you need to give your beard a lighter and natural look is....a good quality pair of scissors

Choosing scissors

Make sure that your scissors are rust free and have no imperfections such as notches in the blade. Using old, tired scissors with such imperfections can result in tugging your beard and may cause you to tear the hair rather than cut it. Do not use scissors which are not designed for your beard. Scissors can be big and clumsy and will result in unwanted cuts as well as a poor-quality trim. Use beard scissors which have been created to give you a great beard grooming experience.

Cleaning and preparation

Wash your beard thoroughly ensuring that you properly dry it afterwards. Trimming whilst it is still wet can give a much shorter beard than desired. A hairdryer will get the job done in no time at all. Firstly, comb your hair down in the direction of your hair then upwards, against the direction of growth. Doing this will make your beard appear fluffy and is important as it leaves your hair loose and standing out, ready to be trimmed.

Use a comb / Method

You should use a comb as a guide to avoid cutting your beard too short. In a similar way to how a barber cuts hair, gather hair with the comb and snip away the hair from the outside of the teeth. Comb from your ear to your jaw making sure not to expose too much hair.  Using a comb makes it easier to control how much you trim, ultimately helping you avoid the dreaded mistake of going too short.

It is advised to use a beard comb as its wider teeth and design are tailor made for your beard, giving you greater control and making the process even easier. Repeat the process of combing and cutting until you are satisfied with your beard length. Comb through your beard on both sides to double check that they are of an even length.

Chin and moustache

Next, you want to trim that hair on your neck as short as possible with your scissors and make any final changes. Of course, it is best to use a razor for this but you can still produce good results with beard scissors alone.

The chin area is slightly trickier but the method remains the same. Simply comb the hair upward first and then gather the hair with the comb trimming away the protruding hair. Repeat the process until you are happy with the length. For your moustache start by combing down and trimming the hair which stretches past the lip.

Finally, wash your beard once more to remove the loose hair. Use some beard oil to complete your look and then enjoy your newly trimmed beard.

Beard Grooming Tips

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