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The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Finally Enjoy Shaving

In terms of a satisfying experience, there’s something about a traditional wet shave that’s a step up from a quick skim with an electric razor or a multi-blade throwaway. Once you’ve acquired the skill, you’ll experience the closest shave you’ve ever had. 

Step 1: Prepare


Shaving Towel and Blades

The skin beneath your beard needs to be protected from the razor’s cutting edge and your beard should be softened. That’s why begin with the hot, damp towel or hot shower. Or both, if you have the time.

Shower. Although you don’t need a hot shower before you shave, it’s a great way to get a lot of hot water onto your face rather than on the bathroom floor. Showering before will make your whiskers moist and soft.

Face Wash. Use it to remove oils and dirt from your whiskers and to help the hair absorb water. In the course of a day your skin acquires lots of impurities including dead skin cells, oils and dirt. It can clog you pores, make the skin rougher and, if not removed, reduce the efficiency – and efficacy – of your perfect shave.

Towel. Take a soft cotton towel, rinse it with hot water and wrap it around your face tightly. Keep it there for several minutes, four ideally. Many say it takes that long for water to properly soak into the hair to make it shave-ready. A popular method of preparing the hot towel is to heat a damp one in the microwave for about 30 seconds. But we prefer the gourmet approach and it’s using a vegetable steamer!

Lather. Rinse well and don’t towel dry your face between showering and shaving. Let the water stay on your face, keeping the whiskers soft, then lather up ready for the blade. To heighten the pleasure of the experience use one of the Men Rock Shave Creams available in Sandalwood, Sicilian Lime and Back Pomegranate fragrances.

Step 2: Shave


Wet Shaving in action

If you prefer the feeling of a sharp blade to a whining electric muncher, you should try our Men Rock retro razors – the Cut Throat Shavette, the Double Edged Razor or the Straight Razor. Once one of these razors hits your skin, you’ll notice the difference.

No pressure – gently does it. These razors are not designed to hack into the beard or stubble and doing so will lead to irritation. Instead, allow the blade to gently glide across the face. Even with light pressure, they will remove stubble.

Change the angle – Double Edged and Cut Throat razors should move across the beard at an angle of 30 degrees. Start slowly and carefully with short, light strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Experiment and follow the line of least resistance – that’s the direction of your hair growth. It is different for every man. Once you’ve settled on a direction, avoid slicing or side to side motion with the blade.

Stretch the skin – More so than multi-blade cartridges, double edged razors do their best work on skin that is held taut. When making passes on you cheeks or neck, use your free hand to stretch the skin in front of the blade in these areas.

Rinse often – running the blade or blades under water clears any shaving debris allowing the blade to give a closer shave. It’s much easier to keep the cutting edge clean than with a multi-blade razor that is easily clogged by soap and bristles.

If you’re keen to experience a really close shave, why not try one of our Wet Shaving Starter Packs: The Cut Throat Shavette Kit or The Double Edged Safety Razor Kit. They both provide everything you need – except hot water!

Also, check a selection of shaving ‘How To’ videos on our Youtube channel.



Wet Shaving Tips

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