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7 Beard Grooming Tips for Absolute Beginners

Growing stubble is easy… you just dodge the razor! However, maintaining the follicle forest is a different story. So if you’re thinking of growing a beard or moustache, think style, think Beard Grooming. Last but not least, be prepared to face the… B.itch. Yes, that’s how we call the beard itch. Here're some tips to help you survive your facial hair growing journey.


1. CHOOSE YOUR STYLE CAREFULLY. You could begin with one of those fun apps where you superimpose a beard onto a photo of your face. We‘ve done some testing – Beard Man: Photo Editor App appears pretty decent and doesn't have too many annoying ads. It might give you some idea of what style would best suit without going through the awkward stage. 


2. ONCE YOU START GROWING IT, BE PREPARED FOR THE QUESTIONS. It starts at the stubble stage: ‘Are you growing a beard?’ or worse, ‘Are you trying to grow a beard?’. Once the facial fuzz really shows, questions turn to ‘Why are you growing that beard?’. Better have your answers ready for this one if you want to stay cool. ‘Couldn’t be bothered to shave’ won’t cut it.


3. BEGIN BY GROWING OUT A FULL BEARD. That’s our best shot at how to go about making the vital choice. Clean up your cheek and necklines and take another close look. Next, take off a bit more and give it a thinner, more defined look. With your beard fully grown, you can now play around. Fancy a Three Musketeers look with long sideburns? An intellectual goatee? A wacky Salvador Dali (we’ve got the Men Rock Oak Moss Beard And Moustache Wax!).


4. EXPERIMENT UNTIL YOU FIND THE LOOK. The beauty of any facial hair is that it is never fixed. You can keep it the same, alter it slightly and gradually or change it radically within a few minutes. So if you’re a bit of fashionista, your beard can easily keep up with what’s trending. Surf and seek out images of the cooler beard and stubble wearers you most admire and pick out those who have a similarly shaped face to your own.


5. KEEP IT CLEAN. BUT NOT TOO CLEAN. Washing your beard every day with soap and water is not a good idea as it removes the natural oils which will help keep your bristles supple. Some swear by washing with soap and warm (not hot) water every other day. Use a good quality beard soap meant for cleaning, conditioning and softening that facial forest. It just so happens that we offer beard soaps which are not only ideal for those purposes but come in wonderful manly aromas - earthy oak moss or citrusy Sicilian lime


6. GOT THAT ITCHY FEELING? When growing their first beard, some find they get annoying itchiness on the skin. This should pass as your face gets used to this new growth. But we’ve got the answer ­– one of the two Men Rock beard balms: Soothing Oak Moss or Awakening Sicilian Lime & Caffeine.  Use these at every stage and not only will you feel good, but your loved ones will think you smell great. While they’re getting used to you with your beard.


7. FINALLY, A WORD ABOUT ONGOING CARE. Looking after your beard may take more time than shaving so it’s not really a shirker’s option unless you want to look scruffy and let the side down. To maintain your skin and beard in good condition, you will need to take up beard grooming.  Take a look at our range of accessories where you’ll find everything you need.



Beard Grooming Tips

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