SHAVING CREAM – 100ml, Sicilian Lime scent, Sandalwood scent or Black Pomergranate scent.

Discover our traditional shave cream for a classy wet shaving experience. Its thick silky cushioning lather protects your skin and ensures a close and clean shave. Unlike some runny thin shave gels and foams, it does not dry out mid-shave. Deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin, it also helps to prevent irritation.


This vegan-friendly shaving brush with synthetic bristles mixes hot water and shave cream into a surprisingly thick cushioning lather, thus allowing for a much more comfortable shave. Helps remove any unwanted dead skin and avoid nicks, cuts, or irritation.


Classy, stylish and functional black colour porcelain shaving bowl with a handle. Helps create rich cushioning lather and keeps it warm throughout the shave. The handle provides an easy and comfortable grip. Designed for an excellent traditional shaving experience in your own bathroom!


Achieve a high-quality shaving experience in your own bathroom with this Men Rock Double Edged Razor. Equipped with a double-edged blade that glides effortlessly over your skin, it will give you a smooth shave. The end is laser etched with a Men Rock logo for a professional look and finish.


Sophisticated, smooth and easy to use - simply perfect if you’re in a rush or just fancy a stress-free shave. Our Shavette requires no sharpening or honing as it uses replaceable blades for ultra-easy maintenance.

With our Shavette, you will finally be able to shave in those hard to reach places without any problem. Equipped with a specially designed ergonomic handle that provides a secure grip, comfortable hold, and perfect balance, it gives you optimal control throughout the shaving process.

With a beautifully designed black handle with golden metal eyelets, our Shavette will look great on your bathroom shelf and add a touch of rugged elegance.