Hair Styling

MATT PASTE – 30ml, 90ml

RESTYLE IT EASILY. For a relaxed & reworkable hairstyle with high hold & no shine.

It’s hard to go wrong with our Matt Paste. Designed for relaxed and easily reworkable hairstyles, it offers high hold and a natural-looking matt finish. Creates volume, adds definition and texture. Ideal for a casual everyday look made in seconds. Thanks to the water-based formula, very easy to wash out

MATT CLAY – 30ml, 90ml

FIX IT FOR THE DAY. Rock a thicker & fuller looking hairstyle with long-lasting hold & no shine.

Pick our Matt Clay for that day-long fixation. Designed for thicker & fuller looking hairstyles, it offers a strong lasting hold with a casual matt finish. Adds body and texture whilst creating shape and maintaining it throughout the day. Ideal for thicker, wilder and fuzzier hair. Enriched with cocoa butter and sunflower and almond oils to nourish and condition hair.

POMADE – 30ml, 90ml

GIVE IT SOME SHINE. Rock a slick & classy (or modern) hairstyle with a tight hold & some glossy shine.

Give that special moment a bit of shine with our Pomade. Designed for neat and classy hairstyles, it offers a high hold and medium shine. Perfect for slick back and other comb-formed styles without an over-polished or greasy feeling. Does not dry out and leaves a silk-like finish. Thanks to the water-based formula, very easy to wash out.