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Porcelain shaving mug with a carton gift box
Porcelain shaving bowl with a handle with Men Rock logo
Shaving bowl with a handle with a gift box is a perfect gift for for every man
Black colour porcelain Shaving bowl in a gift box

Men Rock Porcelain Shaving Bowl - Black Colour

Classy, stylish and functional black colour porcelain shaving bowl with a handle. Helps create rich cushioning lather and keeps it warm throughout the shave. The handle provides an easy and comfortable grip. Designed for an excellent traditional shaving experience in your own bathroom!

How to use: Load shaving soap onto a damp brush, take it to the shaving bowl and begin to swirl until desired lather is formed. Add a few drops of water if needed. Apply the lather onto your face in a soft circular motion and shave. After using, rinse the bowl and let it dry.